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Wholesale Wooden Wreath Garland Avatar
Wholesale Wooden Wreath Garland
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About us Taizhou Huangyan Zhongnuo Lighting Arts and Crafts CO., LTD is located in Taizhou city, the leading business trade city which has all the convenience on transportation. Our company established in 2008, invest over 8 million RMB, own over 7000 square meter factory and build a solid foundation for our future development, so we are able to achieve 3 million production value every year. We specialize in arts and crafts ,wooden lights,festival lights(especially Christmas lights) ,which will be popular with the consumers. At the same time, we endeavor to develop the new brand of our product and to raise up the quality constantly. We have been certificated by CE,ROHS,GS,FSC,and built a good reputation in this field.Over clients of us come from Europe, South America, Nouth America etc... Our perennial partners:TESCO,METRO,KROGER,CARREFOUR... You are welcomed to visit us anytime,hope sincerely we can work together to pursue our splendid future. Our History Taizhou Huangyan Zhongnuo Lighting Arts and Crafts CO., LTD Established in 2008,invested over 5 million RMB,Zhong Nuo is located in Taizhou city,The leading business trade city which has all the convenience on transportation.We own over 7000 square meter factory plant with over 100 technicians,so we are able to achieve 5 million production value every year. Contact Us Taizhou Huangyan Zhongnuo Lighting Arts and Crafts CO., LTD Contact person:Olive Ren Email: Contact number:0086-13586089686 Tel:0086-0576-84194999 Fax:0086-0576-84188348 Address:No. 555 of Shiyuan Road, Xiayangshan Village, Nancheng,Huangyan District,Taizhou,ZhejiangWholesale Wooden Wreath Garland website:

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Buy Flood Control Board
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Our History Our company established in 2017 based in climate change and flood defense. But we have experience of OEM service for ten years. We are a research and design manufacturer of flood control equipment including flood control barrier board, self inflatable flood sandbags and so on. With the change of climate and the increase of extreme weather, compared with sandbags, flood control boards are more effective and faster in dealing with water flow and protecting property and life safety for the solution of flood, and urban rainstorm and accumulated water. In recently years, we have sold to many countries and have great performance in Flood control and prevention. We are committed to contribute our best to the disaster caused by global climate change. Our Factory Our factory located in Suzhou, China. We are a modern enterprise integrating scientific research, development and production and sales. We mainly research and developed flood control barrier equipment. The company relies on the advanced innovation spirit and the domestic technical information, Industrial upgrading and structure optimization, to contribute to the global fire rescue, flood control, drought, underground pipeline. We have several product large equipment in high quality and comply with the International norms. We have sold to other countries for several years, also can provide OEM service. Our Product We are intelligent flood control equipment supplier, we provide the most efficient and convenient solution to urban water logging and flood solution. Our products are mainly flood control barrier including flood barrier board, combined flood prevention board, self inflatable flood sandbags and Intelligent inflatable flood prevention wall and so on. Our products application range is very widely, widely used flood emergency control, the fire rescue, emergency rescue and municipal administration. etc, also protect warehouse garage, parking lot, residential buildings and underground subway entrance and shopping mall and so on. Product Application Our products mainly used to improve urban environment or flood control and prevention, for emergency (road) rescue, drain water and divert water to dry places and sand. It is also suitable for extremely weather change, major traffic routes and other buildings, subways threatened by flood, even more rapid river. Our products-flood barrier boards can divert the sudden flood river to other areas, so that to delay and protect the damage because of flood and climate change. Our products also apply to flood control and prevention, the fire rescue, emergency road rescue, municipal administration and some large tenement group etc. Because of flood diversion control, they have greatly protect house garage, parking lot and underground shopping mall subways and residential areas and Business buildings. Our Certificate Our products are based on china patents. We have formal Certificates and Test Reports. Production Equipment So far, We possession of 5 advanced large technology production equipment just like pictures attached. We ensure our equipment are all in line with International norms, and we will research, design and develop more product types for customers. We can also provide OEM service, labeling and customized service according to your request. Production Market Our company have established for almost 3 years, but we have experience of OEM service for 10 years. The products mainly used for flood control, improve traffic road and drain water to dry places. The main market we have sold: Southeast Asian countries including Singapore, Japan, and Thailand and so on. Kuwait, Jordan, The united of American, Canada, Australia, and Chile and so on. In recently years, we have sold to these countries, and our products have helped them a lot, they have great performance in Flood water control and prevention. Emergency rescue, divert water to dry areas and protect many areas like garage parking lot, underground shopping mall subways and Residential and business buildings etc. Our Service We provide 24 hours service for our customer. Pre-sale We will introduce and show our products appearance, function, how to use, product raw materials and a series of questions which customer want to know. We will show information on the website. In sale We also provide 24 hours service, provide our contact information like phone, whatsapp and email and so on. We will show customers product details videos on how to use them. We will answer all the questions that customers wants to know. After sale We will also keep in touch in them all the time. If customer still have doubts on products, we will also conduct them patiently. We can provide 3 years warranty period. No matter customers have any questions about the product,we will on line anytime.Buy Flood Control Board website:

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Hydraulic Gasoline Log Splitter manufacturers
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鈻?Our History The factory was founded in 1997, and it started with automotive hydraulic products since then. So Superpower got over 20 years experience on developing and making the products with hydraulic system. 25 people, less than $1M turnover and 40,000 sq. ft. faciity back in 1997 In year 2017, we started to use robotic welding machine in our welding workshop, and now we become the leading manufacturer of log spitter in China. In year 2019, become the leading manufacturer of log splitter in China, the annual output is 80,000pcs A Growing Company Nowdays, Superpower/YTL is 21 years old, it has become a Best-value for price manufacturer of Log Splitters and Lawn Garden products in China. Dollar Turnover 418 employees and 660,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facllity. 鈻?Our Factory Jiashan Superpower Tools Co., Ltd is located in Huimin Economic Development Zone of jiashan County, Zhejiang Province. It鈥檚 a coastal city between Shanghai and Hangzhou with a very convenient transportation, 80KM to Shanghai and 100KM to Hangzhou. Over ten years of manufacturing experience in log splitter industry, we developed more and more innovative log splitters, which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. We have got a few patents on some of our log splitters. Superpower has become a leading manufacturer in log splitters in China. 鈻?Our Product Jiashan Superpower Tools Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing various kinds of Lawn & Garden products and log splitters. Our main items are log splitter, dump carts, spreaders, lawn sweepers, lawn aerators and etc. 鈻?Product Application Log Splitter, Lawn & Garden, Agricultural 鈻?Our Certificate Our quality system has passed the quality approval of ISO9001:2015 and some of our items are CE certificated. We got a few patens on some of our log splitters. 鈻?Production Equipment 鈻?Production Market 鈻?Our Service Product consultant service: Providing relevant product technical information and component adaptation service to save your time and money to a large extent. Solid partner: The required consumables are more durable, improving efficiency and controlling operating costs more reasonably. Reliable delivery: From the confirmation of the order to the departure of the goods, SP can meet your operational needs and help you to catch sales opportunities.Hydraulic Gasoline Log Splitter manufacturers website: website2:

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Radar Level Gauge
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AD110C Solid Horn Type Contactless Radar Level Meter Application: Measurement of solid particles or powder in storage and process containers. Measurement Range: Liquid 30m / Solid Block 20m / Solid Powder 15m Antenna Material: Stainless Steel 304/Stainless Steel 316 Process Connection: Thread and Flange Medium Temperature: -40~250掳C Process Pressure: -0.1~4.0MPa (Plate Flange) - 0.1~0.1MPa (Universal Flange) Accuracy: 卤10mm Protection Level: IP67 Frequency Range: 26GHz Explosion-proof Grade: Exia IC T6 Ga/Exd ia IIC T6 Gb Signal Output: 4-20 mA/HART (two/four wire system), RS485/Modbus Selection Table of AD110C Solid Horn Type Radar Level Meter ModelExplanation AD110CSolid Horn Type Radar Level Meter (0~30 meters) AD110DSolid Horn Type Radar Level Meter (0~70 meters) Explosion-proof Grade Non Explosion-proof Type Flameproof Type Exd IC T6 Intrinsically Safe Type Exd IIC T6 Intrinsically Safe+ Flameproof Type Exd[ia]ICT6 Antenna Type/MaterialHorn-mouth Antenna 桅78mm/Stainless Steel 304 Horn-mouth Antenna 桅98mm/Stainless Steel 304 Horn-mouth Antenna 桅121mm/Stainless Steel 304 Horn-mouth Antenna 桅78mm/Stainless Steel 316L Horn-mouth Antenna 桅98mm/Stainless Steel 316L Horn-mouth Antenna 桅121mm/Stainless Steel 316l Special Customization Process ConnectionThread G1陆"A Thread 1陆"NPT Flange DN80/Stainless Steel 304Flange DN80/Stainless Steel 316L Flange DN100/Stainless Steel 304Flange DN100/Stainless Steel 316L Flange DN125/Stainless Steel 304Flange DN125/Stainless Steel 316L Flange DN150/Stainless Steel 304Flange DN150/Stainless Steel 316L Flange DN200/Stainless Steel 304Flange DN200/Stainless Steel 316L Flange DN250/Stainless Steel 304Flange DN250/Stainless Steel 316L Flange DN80/Universal Joint/304Flange DN80/Universal Joint/316L Flange DN100/Universal Joint/304Flange DN100/Universal Joint/316L Flange DN125/Universal Joint/304Flange DN125/Universal Joint/316L Flange DN150/Universal joint/304Flange DN150/Universal Joint/316L Flange DN200/Universal Joint/304Flange DN200/Universal Joint/316L Flange DN250/Universal Joint/304Flange DN250/Universal Joint/316L Special Customization Process Sealing/Temperature/PressureFKM (Vition)/-40~130掳C/-1~40bar Kalrez (6375)/-20-130掳C/-1~40bar FKM Vition+ Heat Sink/-40~250掳C/-1~3bar Kalrez(6375)+Heat Sink /-20~250掳C/-1~3bar Special Customization Output and Power Supply Two-wire System 4-20mA/HART; 24VDC Four-wire System 4-20 mA/HART; 220VAC Four-wire System 4-20mA/HART; 24VDC Four-wire System RS485/Modbus; 24VDC Four-wire System RS485/Modbus;220VAC Special Customization Shell/Protection LevelAluminum/IP67 Stainless Steel 316L/IP67 Electrical Connection/ Waterproof Joint/Connecting CableM20*1.5/Included/Not Included 陆NPT/ Not Included/ Not Included Live Display/ProgrammingIncluded Not Included Alarm OutputOne Alarm (Four-wire System 24VDC) Additional FunctionWith Purge Function (桅78 mm, 桅98 mm and 桅121mm Horn Antenna Only ) With Dust-proof Cover(桅98mm Horn Antenna Only) Additional Type Selection CodeAdditional Specification Configuration Radar Level Gauge website:

Cosmetic Prp Centrifuge factory Avatar
Cosmetic Prp Centrifuge factory
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Our History In last century, our company had the experience to cooperate with Tomy Company and American Beckman Company in technology field, which improve the technology level of our designing and manufacturing centrifuge to international level. Our Factory Changsha Xiangzhi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd is a professional supplier and manufacturer of centrifuges. Our professional team engaged in R & D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service have been concentrated in providing our global customers with not only reliable products, but also satisfactory training, after-sales service, technical support and long-term supply of our products鈥?parts. Our company has already passed ISO 9001:2015; ISO13485:2016 Certificate of International Quality Management System and international safety certificate CE. The effective implementation of quality system guarantees the stability of product quality, reliable after-sale service. Our clients have always seen us in uptime mode, the only thing that has remained unchanged since our inception. Trust that can never be quantified, with XIANGZHI centrifuge brand familiarity increased in the industry, There are 4 centrifuge assembly lines, which have improved the annual centrifuge production capacity from4000 sets to 9000 sets. We can develop new items according to our customer鈥檚 requirements, and will uphold this trust reposed on us and strive to deliver the best. Our Product Lab centrifuge, medical centrifuge, refrigerated centrifuge, low speed centrifuge, high speed centrifuge, tabletop centrifuge, stand floor centrifuge, micro-centrifuge, blood bank centrifuge, PRP centrifuge. Product Application Scientific Lab, Hospital, Pharmaceutical Factory, Beauty Center, Veterinary Lab, Blood bank centre,College and University. Our Certificate ISO13485:2016, ISO9001:2015, CE, FDA, Medical Device Registration, Free Sales Certificate Production Equipment Lathe, Trimming Machine, Radial Drilling and Milling Machine, rotor-imbalance detectors, welding machine, Drilling and Milling Machine, Tapping Machine, Cutting Machine, Packing Machine, Engraving machine. Production Market We make great effort to expand the market both at home and abroad, our products have already been exported to more than 36 countries, such as U.S.A, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Russia, U.K., Italy, France, Spain, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea and etc. Our Service ONE year warranty, factory site training, technical support, OEM serviceCosmetic Prp Centrifuge factory website:

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Side Entry Ball
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Company Profile Yongjia Qiuzheng Valve Co., Ltd is located in Wenzhou city of China, which has over 10 years of combined experience in manufacturing and sales of high quality VALVE BALLS & SEATS. We supply the products to the countries worldwide. It has been certified to ISO9001:2015. Qiuzheng gathered senior talents, which have an unceasingly innovative high-caliber team, and strong technical force. With over the last 10 years of experience working with several large and well known ball valve companies, Qiuzheng is able to establish itself as a reliable, experienced VALVE BALLS & SEATS supplier. Our Products Our Products include metal to metal ball, trunnion ball, floating ball, three way ball, stem ball, ball valve metal seat and ball valve soft seat. These are carried out in all types of materials, even plated and/or coated or cladding. Main material including : A105銆丩F2銆丗6A銆?140銆丗304銆丗316銆?7-4PH銆丗51銆丗53銆丗55銆丗60銆丮onel銆両nconel etc. The range being produced is from 1/2 inch up to 20 inch in diameter maximal from Class 150LB to 2500LB. Qiuzheng believes that the future of companies depend on both the ability to compete in terms of costs and price, and also on investments in innovation and quality. If you have the same concept as us, welcome to be our partners. Manufacturing Equipment Annual Production Volume Capacity Floating ball: 60,000Pcs Trunnion ball: 60,000Pcs Metal to metal ball and seats Kit: 80,000 Sets Side Entry Ball website:

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Wholesale SOD1
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Our History Hangzhou NeuroPeptide Biological Science and Technology Incorporation, Ltd. ( NUPTEC) was established in 2009, a national high-tech enterprise jointly established by overseas high-level talents, Zhejiang 鈥淭housand Talents鈥?talents and local private enterprises. The company is dedicated to the development, production and sale of bioactive protein/peptide biologics and bioseparation materials. The products are widely used in cell culture, diagnostic reagents, and protein drug separation and purification. NUPTEC has a core technology research and development team consisting of masters and doctors in the fields of microbiology, biochemistry, neurobiology, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and organic chemistry. The company relies on the group company to build a postdoctoral mobile workstation, mainly engaged in research and development, production and application of biological separation materials and biologically active proteins. A number of research and development technologies of the company are at the forefront of domestic and foreign companies, and have obtained a number of national invention patents, laying a solid foundation for providing high-quality, leading products. Our Factory The company's sales team is located in Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City (Xiaoshan) and has thousands of square meters of R&D and production bases in the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (Xiasha). The R&D and production base has a 100,000-level GMP purification workshop and a well-trained and experienced R&D, production, quality inspection and management team, and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification to ensure that the products are in stable production in strict accordance with the requirements. At present, Nulong Bio has been one of the few companies in China that can produce active protein/polypeptide products and bio-separation materials on a large scale. It has formed recombinant bioactive proteins including cell growth factors, affinity separation ligands and tool enzymes. And two major types of product structures containing affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic and other NUPharose庐 separation materials. At present, NUPTEC products are sold at home and abroad, and have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions. Nulong Bio will adhere to the core values of honesty, dedication, enterprising and innovation, and commit itself to global life sciences. The mission of research institutions and the biotechnology/biopharmaceutical industry to provide high quality products and services. Product Application Hangzhou NeuroPeptide Biological Science and Technology Incorporation, Ltd. ( NUPTEC) is a Sino-US joint venture, specializing in biotechnology research and development, production and sales of neuropeptide products as one of the high-tech enterprises. Our company is committed to the modern biotechnology centered on gene recombination and cloning, research and production of biologically active neuropeptide/protein-based biotechnology products, providing gene recombination and cloning technology, construction of fluorescent recombinant protein technology. After market validation, the products have outstanding performances in scientific research, biopharmaceutical, Medical Devices锛孧D銆両VD Reagents and , cosmetology and skin care, etc. We also look forward to a broader and better market performance in the future. Google Description We are chinese supplier about Recombinant Protein ,our factory have GMP Purification Workshop,Many imported equipment,rh-EGF锛宺h-VEGF锛宺h-GH锛宺h-SOD1锛宺h-bFGF锛宺-SA are our best selling products,China protein best choose is NUPTEC.Wholesale SOD1 website:

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Other Metal Product China suppliers
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鈻?nbsp;Our History Nantong Longtrust Industry Co., Ltd. Located at Nantong, Jiangsu. 70kms away from Shanghai. It is easy accessed to the highway network, and close to water transport by the Yangtze River. LONGTRUST has focused on top quality heavy industry for over 6 years in China. We started as a small operation, today, LONGTRUST has been one of the top producers of heavy industry products, such as: Marine equipment, Special container, Port handing equipment, Machinery part,modular homes, and foldable container Homes. 鈻?nbsp;Our Product LONGTRUST Products includes the following: Special Containers: Flat rack , Platform, Office Container etc. Port handing equipment :Terminal trailer , RR trestle, etc. Marine equipment: Rudder System, Lifting beam, Semi鈥恆utomatic spreaders, hatch covers etc. Mining Industry: Mobile footings, Transmission equipment etc. Road and Bridge: steel structure of raod and bridge, steel structure customization Waste Services Equipment: Front lift bins, Skip bins, Tippler Bins etc. 鈻?nbsp;Our Certificate LONGTRUST has been approved and granted certificates by CCS(China Classification Society) for ISO9001, also has been approved and granted certificates by CCS for special container building, We are also certificated by CCS, GL. LR & BV for ship-equipment building. LONGTRUST has been approved for dozens of WPS per GL, LR,BV,CCS rules & Australian Standard for welding of carbon steel, stainless steel & Alu.. 鈻?nbsp;Production Equipment LONGTRUST has a land area of 10000 m2, building floor area of 5000 m2. The practical layout is equipped with well appointed machinery and complete process layout to ensure consistently high quality. While it is able to build the biggest box LONGTRUST has a land area of 10000 m2, building floor area of 5000 m2. 鈻?nbsp;Our Service Chief Engineer: Has more than 10 years experience on welding area for ship building, Flatrack fabrication, port equipment industry, as well as structure construction. Engineers / QC: We have total 10 technical guys for product design, Production design & Quality Control, who can design with 3D modeling, as well as FEA. Welding Engineer: We have welding engineer who was certificated by AWS. NDT Engineering: PT/MT/UT with international Grade II. We regard quality and company reputation as essential to our business survival. We insist on the principle of serving for customers, concentrate on high quality products. We strive for providing the products with high quality & offering excellent service. All welding seam of ship's steel structural passed UT, MT or other NDT, 100% according to drawing requirements. All of our products are manufactured & tested by our strict QA system & approved by major classification society upon request.Other Metal Product China suppliers website: